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Turning Purpose Into Profits and
Business Value

The second edition of Cathy's linking and leveraging SHE culture with sustainability series will be released soon. Register HERE for an advanced copy of the new book, at a discounted price, and a complimentary copy of the original edition.

Book Summary

It is well established that safety, health and environment (SHE) are not only critical, but are material, to an organization’s business and sustainability success. This book describes an effective partnership approach between SHE and CSR, which will help to accomplish the goals of CSR and Sustainability, and to reinforce the goals and value of SHE culture.

Key Learning Points

  • Review critical elements of a successful safety or SHE strategy, culture and roadmap.

  • Learn how to harness the power of an effective Safety/SHE culture to help drive sustainability success throughout an organization.

  • Specific Linkage points of sustainability with safety, health and environment issues, programs and processes.

  • Practical “how to” actions and metrics for maximum organization ownership and involvement of sustainability, leveraging the Safety or SHE culture and approach.

  • Detailed best practices from the top global corporation and experts in Europe and China, in linking and leveraging SHE culture for mutual gains in CSR, sustainability and SHE.

  • Potential traps and challenge,  and the actions and skills needed to over-come them.

  • Recent trends and developments from global sustainability experts.

For more information, contact Cathy Hansell, President of Breakthrough Results, LLC at 888-609-6723 or chansell@breakthroughresults.org.

Register at HERE for an advanced copy of the new book, at a discounted price, and a complimentary copy of the first edition.


Safety On The Road

Distracted Driving Awareness and Prevention with Bill Margaretta  Listen to Excerpt here

President of the NJ Safety Council - Parts 1 and 2

Learn about all forms of distracted driving, the serious impact of distracted driving and successful ways to stop the distractions!

Safe Driving for Teens with Bill Margaretta
Listen to Excerpt here

President of the NJ Safety Council shares the latest best practices and successful programs to save our young drivers lives.

Car Seat Safety with Dr. Ginny Frings Listen to Excerpt Here

Coordinator/Assistant Director, Sedler Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Xavier University shares her personal story about child car seats and what every parent needs to know.


Check out an excerpt from each show:

Distracted Driving & Prevention

Safe Driving for Teens

Car Seat Safety

You will receive the printed transcripts plus digital versions
on CD as well as all audios via CD